World’s first sustainable king prawns available for delivery across the UK

Delicious fresh king prawns produced sustainably in the world’s first clear water, clean energy farm are available for the first time for delivery to households across the UK with no need for freezing or air miles. 

Great British Prawns will harvest the warm water king prawns weekly at its saltwater farm in Balfron, Stirlingshire for delivery fresh to doorsteps across the UK (mainland UK excluding Highlands and islands) in fully recyclable, insulated but collapsible parcels – with no polystyrene.  The prawns are delivered in 1kg packs (around 35-40 large king prawns) at a cost of £40 plus £4.99 delivery ready to be boiled, grilled, pan-fried or barbecued. 

Currently, most of the UK’s king prawns are sourced frozen from farms in the Far East and Central America, travelling on average 6,000 miles and produced using methods widely condemned for their environmental practices. Great British Prawns uses specially developed aquaculture technology and sustainable energy to produce warm water king prawns in clear and clean water in the United Kingdom for the first time. Unlike conventional farming methods, this clean, clear water approach means that antibiotics, pesticides and vaccines are never used and the there is no need to manually handle the prawns.

Great British Prawns Director, James McEuen, said:

“We’re really proud of our sustainable king prawns. Great British Prawns’ approach means that we are able to offer these with the highest welfare standards and with no antibiotics or air miles – delivered direct to households across the UK.  By buying Great British Prawns people across the UK are supporting a new and sustainable approach to seafood production. But just as importantly, our prawns are hugely versatile and truly delicious.”

Great British Prawns’ transformative approach is set to revolutionise the way seafood is produced.  The Stirlingshire-based farm combines expert prawn husbandry with world-leading technology, sustainable energy and a no-waste approach. Their pioneering Recirculation Aquaculture System (RAS) cleans and recycles the majority of the water used in the system every day to provide locally grown prawns, without contaminating the environment. Great British Prawns’ first farm has been designed to have minimal and an increasingly reduced impact on its surrounding environment. Using sustainable energy from an anaerobic digester on a neighbouring dairy farm, high levels of insulation along with bio-filters to clean and recycle its waste, heat that would otherwise have been lost is used to produce food. As a result constantly improving design will allow future facilities to be virtually waste free and, because of the closed filtration system, won’t require the antibiotics and other medication, chemicals and manual handling used widely in the existing prawn farming industry, resulting in uniquely ‘clean’, fresh prawns.  

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