Sound Bite PR is a specialist boutique communications consultancy for the restaurant, food & drink, hospitality and tourism industries.

We are based in Central Scotland with clients throughout the UK.

We pride ourselves in offering our clients sound advice and consulting with integrity.

“You have been pivotal in securing some key PR opportunities for us, which has given us amazing exposure.”
Stephanie Reith
Digital & Communications Manager
Fairmont, St Andrews


(a) any of a series of articulate utterances
(vowel and consonant sounds)
(b) an idea or impression conveyed by words
(we like the sound of that)


(a) fig. Incisiveness, pungency; point or cogency of style, language, etc.
(b) The biting of food or victuals; concr. food to eat; chiefly in the phrase bite and sup. Also, a small meal; a snack.

“Jess, Martha and Hannah – a superb team of PR ladies!”
Claire Holland


With over 30 years experience promoting hospitality, tourism and food & drink businesses of all kinds, Sound Bite PR has a genuine understanding of what will work to help tell your story.


At Sound Bite PR we take the time to get to know your business and objectives and devise a bespoke strategy for you.

With an outstanding track record in communications, we can support you on everything from restaurant and product launches to social media strategy and influencer relationships.

“Jessica and Martha have represented Victus Consultancy for the past three years. I have found them to be exceptional to work with. From PR, networking, awareness, new avenues and media both online and in print and in turn new business, they have been instrumental in the positive awareness of my consultancy firm. From a very loose remit this company has delivered month after month...”
Andrew Scott
Victus Consultancy

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