Super cacao is fantastic and makes you feel ferocious

Real life ethical Wonka company, Cox & Co, is a brand new range of chocolate bars, blended with superfoods to bring you fantastic taste and natural health benefits to make you feel ferocious! The family owned company has undertaken a mission to create feel-good, responsibly produced chocolate which is as good for you as it tastes in distinct bars: Coconut & chia  seed,  Bee  pollen & honey, Raw cacao  nibs and Single origin pure cacao.

Each bar is made using single origin cacao sourced directly from farmers at the CasaLuker Estate in Colombia and blended with complementary superfood flavours to create a truly unique chocolate with taste and sustainability at its heart.

The Cox & Co bars comes in 35g and 70g bars, from milky 37% cacao content up to 100% dark chocolate.

  • Coconut  and  chia  seed  – 37% cacao, suitable for vegetarians
  • First  eaten  by  the  Aztecs,  the  ancient  grain  chia  has  a  myriad  of  health  benefits  that  include  being  an  excellent  source  of  omega-3,  as  well  as  being  naturally  high  in  protein  and  calcium.  Paired  with  the  nuttiest  coconut,  the  balanced  flavours  make  for  a  truly  unique  and  indulgent  bar  of  chocolate.
  • Bee  pollen  and  honey  – 61% cacao, suitable for vegetarians
  • The  benefits  of  bee  pollen  are  certainly  causing  a  buzz,  as  it’s  naturally  nutritionally  dense  and  packed  with  eighteen  vitamins  including  a  B  complex,  amino  acids,  fatty  acids,  enzymes,  and  is  at  least  25%  protein.  Combined  with  the  natural  sweetness  of  honey,  this  bar  is  packed  with  golden  nuggets  of  goodness.
  • Raw cacao  nibs  – 85% cacao, suitable for vegans
  • Raw  cacao  is  the  superhero  of  chocolate,  and  has  bundles  of  health  benefits.  Raw  cacao  and  flavonoid-rich  chocolate  have  3  times  the  anti-oxidant  levels  than  blueberries,  and  we  all  know  that  chocolate  makes  both  head  and  heart  feel  better…  If  there  were  ever  a  need  to  love  chocolate  even  more.
  • Single origin pure cacao – 100% cacao, suitable for vegans
  • This bar simply lets the world’s finest cacao do the talking…

Cox & Co founder  Gavin Cox, spent much of his youth in South America, and was naturally drawn back when it came to sourcing cacao for his new range of superfood chocolate. Gavin knew that to create the best tasting chocolate, above all else he had to use the best cacao in the world, and it had to be produced as ethically and sustainably as possible, which led him to the CasaLuker estate in Colombia.

CasaLuker is a large Colombia-based family owned business that has now been an established chocolate manufacturer for 110 years. Invests in its farmers and communities and has developed environmental farming methods, meaning that Cox & Co could ensure all of its cacao was traceable and tasted incredible. Cox & Co not only tastes delicious, with fantastic natural flavour combinations, but it’s a bar of chocolate that you can feel good about.

Cox & Co come as 35g and 70g bars, and are available on for £2 and £4.

For more information connect with the team on Instagram  @coxcacao


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